Trending Winter Exterior Paint Colors for San Diego Homes

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Trending Winter Exterior Paint Colors for San Diego Homes

by Sep 20, 2019Exterior House Painting

Looking for exterior house paint color ideas for your San Diego home in winter?

While most states in the US bear the brunt of winter, San Diego is one of the states with remarkable weather. Therefore, you can paint or repaint your home in San Diego, CA during every season. Painting your exterior is an amazing way to give your new or old home instant value. It gives old homes an incredible face lift. . However, the type of paint you choose to use is important.

When you take a look at your neighborhood in San Diego, you will realize that there are exterior colors that are more popular than others. Today, there are beautiful color choices you can consider based on what matches your needs, and the overall look and feel of your neighborhood.

For San Diego Homes, here are winter exterior house painting color trends Double G Painting recommends:

Classic White Color

There are different color shades for different homes in San Diego and California. Based on your neighborhood and personal interest, you will realize classic shades of white are becoming increasingly popular among home owners. It is a warmer tone during the daytime and a brilliant tone at night. There are different shades you can choose r bearing in mind that white blends perfectly well with many different color schemes.

Beige Color

Beige is another amazing trend for San Diego homes. It gives your home a welcoming and warm feeling at a glance. When used for exteriors, beautiful beige has a unique way of offering an incredible backdrop to your garden area or lawn. It sets a beautiful ambiance for San Diego homes.

With different shades of beige, you can go for the latest warmer beiges including browns and reds. Cooler beiges complement silver and blue colors. The idea is to use a color that makes your home warmer during the winter. Therefore, you can always spice up beige with complementary colors to match the latest trends.

Red Tints Color

Red tints range from burnt orange to light pink. While you may not find many homes with red tints on the exterior, it is a unique trend that is gaining popularity in San Diego and California. The colors make your exteriors uniquely beautiful and it fits in the color scheme of many homes in the region.

Lighter and Darker Color Options

To achieve a perfect color scheme for your San Diego home, you need to pay attention to your environment. Ask yourself these questions. Are there flowers, is there a garden area, generally speaking what colors are your neighbor’s homes?. If you have a greener environment, the latest trend is to go for lighter or darker winter exterior house paint colors. These will help you to strike a good balance and create a warmer environment in your home.

Siding Color Blends

Siding blends is another trend that has become common in San Diego. You need to emphasize on blending different styles and textures for your exterior home. This includes having a unique texture and not just the stone and brick textures. Therefore, you can combine ship-lap and cedar shingles of different or same colors. It offers a dynamic look in your home.

Fiber cement siding is available today in different styles and colors. Choose what meets your personal exterior needs, sustainability and durability during winter. The beauty of this trend is that shingles, architectural panels and cedar making fiber cement siding an excellent option for your exteriors.

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