Top 5 Towns To Buy A House In San Diego

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Top 5 Towns To Buy A House In San Diego

by Aug 5, 2019San Diego

Considering Buying a Home In San Diego? Look At These Amazing Towns!

San Diego is the second most populous city in California, so it’s not surprising that it has many different communities and more than one hundred neighborhoods. Unfortunately, real estate prices are pretty high, but some locations are worth it. As San Diego locals, Double G Painting & Contracting takes pride in bringing beauty to hundreds of homes in this beautiful city, and bring high-quality house painting services in San Diego, CA.

Here is a list of the top 5 towns in San Diego based on the community sentiment online:

North Park

North Park is a large neighborhood where you can find houses in many different architectural styles. North Park is a well established neighborhood.. It has a wide variety of cultural activities. Forbes magazine defined it as one of the best hipster neighborhoods in America. This means that you can find many unique coffee shops, boutiques and art galleries. The town i also boasts a large music festival called North Park Music Thing. Houses in this neighborhood are more affordable,in comparison to the other San Diego neighborhoods with the same kind of lifestyle.

University City

University City is both an educational and business center of San Diego. It is one of the most important economic centers in California. Many real estate, accounting and legal companies are located here. If you wish to sell your house one day, it should be pretty easy because many people are moving to University City, due to work! This part of town is also great for shopping, it has three shopping centers and big regional shopping mall. Some of the best hospitals are located here too, as well as great public schools and parks.


Hillcrest is a peaceful neighborhood full of threes but still very urban. It is pretty popular for living and therefore it has higher population density than many other neighborhoods. It’s residents have everything they might need from restaurants and cafes to all kinds of stores. It is also famous for many small locally owned businesses and its residents prefer to shop locally. The town is very lively but not too loud.

La Jolla

La Jolla is one of the best places to live in San Diego. It has a population of almost 34,000 and it is suitable for families since it is pretty calm and clean. It has everything you may need – there are a lot of shops, bars, restaurants and parks. You can do anything you want, from exercising to swimming and dancing, without having to leave this part of the city. There are also a lot of activities for your kids. Best of all, beautiful beaches are easily accessible and clean! Prices of houses in this neighborhood are higher than in others, but it is absolutely worth it!

Miramar Ranch North

This is a perfect location for all nature lovers! You can go walking and hiking and enjoy great views in Miramar Ranch North. There are also nice beaches 15 minutes away. This neighborhood is pretty safe, which is especially important if you have children. It is great for people who value their privacy and don’t like to live in over-crowded communities.

There are many beautiful and convenient towns in San Diego, but they are very different from each other. Your best bet would be to visit them all, wander around and spend all each town before you decide to make your decision.

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