The Most Popular Ranch Style House Colors in San Diego

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The Most Popular Ranch Style House Colors in San Diego

by Sep 24, 2019Exterior House Painting, Painting, San Diego

Want to know the most popular exterior paint colors for ranch style homes in San Diego?

Diversity is one aspect that defines San Diego. When it comes to housing types, different and unique homes shine across the state. Ranch style homes in San Diego are quite popular and they range from the traditional to the contemporary modern ranch styles. This kind of home has a lot of unique features. Today, you can enhance your ranch home with some of the best paint colors to make your home style uniquely yours.

As they say, color defines you and it speaks volumes. If you’re wondering how to update the exterior of a ranch style house below are some of the most recommended ranch style home colors according to Double G Painting & Contracting, a leading house painter in San Diego, CA.


Recommended Ranch House Colors:



White is an amazing color and it comes in different shades. A white ranch house is classic, spectacular and its magic makes your white ranch home one of a kind. White helps you to personalize your home and you can use it on the interiors and exterior such as front porches or window trim to create a focal point.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue is naturally beautiful and it blends with your landscape, the sky, and adds a connection to your interiors and exteriors. Blue is highly recommended because it doesn’t bring about many challenges like the need to repaint often. It is a color that can withstand harsh weather elements. What’s more, you can go for brighter or darker shades to achieve the kind of feeling you want in your ranch home in San Diego.


Yellow brings serenity, adds a dash of color and breathes life to a ranch style home. Butterfly yellow is amazing because it is diverse. It is highly recommended because it is a warm color that is inviting, family-oriented and ideal for bigger compounds. You can have your shutters painted black if you do not want yellow to dominate your ranch style home for increased curb appeal. A yellow ranch house also blends well with blue skies and a green lawn.


Red is excellent for because it is a warm color that creates the perfect ranch atmosphere. Red is a natural complement to your home, it brightens and it is a distinct color with a deeply satisfying effect for any type of ranch whether it be traditional or a modern home.

Dark Grey

Dark is a color to go for if you love creativity. A dark grey ranch house blends well with nature, the sky and your landscape. Dark grey adds a mesmerizing feeling to your home. It works best with light yellow and white since it is a classic paint that will make your ranch look truly inviting.


Brown and more specifically velvet brown makes your ranch style house awesome in every aspect. This is because it is the perfect color scheme for a house with a big surface area, can withstand harsh weather elements and does not show dirt.

Casual Cream

Casual cream and beige gives any ranch house an urban touch. If you have a traditional ranch style house color you can enhance it and give it a new lease of life with cream and beige. The colors provide a fantastic look and can be paired with other colors to create a unique warm effect in your home.

Also remember when you are painting the exterior there are different paint types to consider. One of them is water based paint which is great for your walls. It is easy to use but you need to go for those with leveling qualities and provide a great finish. Oil based paint types are durable, offer a rich finish and can be used on all surfaces.