Looking for a Quality Painting Company In Coronado?

Since the late 1800s, Coronado has been both a resort destination and a close knit community that loves its historic  architecture. Over the years, preserving the character of the area has influenced home improvements.

Unique Architecture of Coronado Island

It takes a painting company with experience in the Coronado community to get it done right.

We specialize in working with the unique characteristics of these beautiful, historic Coronado homes.

Our expert painters never cut corners, and of course, we paint everything, even the parts that may not be visible.  We’ve even developed a special ‘Coronado Scaffolding’ to work within local space limitations, so we don’t need to bother your neighbors for property access.

And because we know the Coronado area so well, we’ve developed unique painting processes to handle environmental challenges, with special attention to the texture and finish required to ensure good coverage and longevity of the completed project.

In addition to our expert status as a painting company, we’re also a California State Licensed Contractor, and can handle even the most complex jobs, so you’ll have a fully capable, single resource team for your project.

Coronado Homeowners Face Unique Challenges

We know what you’re up against:

Narrow lots that require Coronado Scaffolding


Architectural details that are difficult to maintain


Tall & narrow homes with little access


Cedar shake siding that takes additional prep work to get good coverage


And the wonderful, but corrosive ocean air

Just A Few Of Our Coronado Projects

We enjoy showcasing our work, and invite you to take a look at three very special Coronado projects:

Narrow Access & Architectural Details

We go above and beyond to get the right look for our clients.

This adorable, tall and narrow Coronado home had very little clearance on both sides, but we were able to complete the project with no problem!

Also, the architectural details needed attention and planning when it came to paint cuts and color choices.  We guided the client to make confident choices for both the interior and exterior paint that made this charming house their home.

Beyond Painting

As licensed contractors we do all renovations, and carpentry you might need—including flooring!

This quaint Coronado home needed help—cracked stucco, damaged facia and a concrete driveway with cracks and chipping paint all needed repairs, but we were able to complete the project with no issues!

Our expertise helped the client make good decisions that will increase the home value and income potential of this rental property.

He was thrilled!

Full Renovation

From “Needs TLC” to a grand Coronado home.

This was a complete renovation project on Coronado island, including exterior paint, decking and fence work.

There was a lot of weather damage that we repaired, to ensure this home will last for decades to come.

Even with all the construction work in addition to the painting, everything went smoothly, and the client was so pleased with the ‘new look’ of his home and property!

More Coronado Projects!

Restorations, Interiors and Super Smooth Stucco…

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