Our Guide to Home Selling – Top Colors to Sell a Property

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We bet you have heard of color psychology. For the uninitiated, color psychology is the study of hues that determine human behavior. Color is said to be a powerful communication tool used to influence mood, affect the physiological reaction, and prompt action. That is why artists and designers have long utilized colors to impact moods, emotions, and actions dramatically.

Color psychology applies to the world of real estate too. You have to incorporate certain paint colors on your property to attract homebuyers easily and sell your house quickly. For your guide and reference, here are the top colors to use for your house interior and exterior that will make a difference in your home selling.

House Interior

When it comes to the house interior, the rule of thumb is to go for something neutral. Veer away from dark and bold colors that can be too dramatic. The goal is to create a light canvas that allows people to envision themselves living there. Have your interiors painters in San Diego consider the following colors:

Light gray

For the most part, you’ll opt for beige and white when looking for neutral colors. However, they aren’t the best options to display your home’s interior features as they are warm colors. The best approach is to go for light gray, as it has cooler tones. This color can create a calming atmosphere and soothing effects on your space at home.


For a neutral space, going safe by choosing white is your best bet. White looks sparkling clean and creates brightness. However, make sure to opt for something with cooler undertones. Soft cream can be your option or go for something with slight gray. Avoid too bright and stark white, which can make your house look too sanitized and clinical.

House Exterior

Your house exterior plays a vital role in creating a curb appeal in your property. The use of the right colors can play a trick on homebuyers. The rule of thumb is to choose a color that works well with the surroundings. If your home’s exterior has been subjected to wear and tear, make sure to contact exterior painters in San Diego now. Have them consider the following house paint colors:


If you are clueless, this color is a combination of gray and beige, hence, the name. Greige is a neutral color that looks more exciting than gray or beige. In fact, this color has been all the rage these days as a color trend that appeals to most homebuyers.


This color has become incredibly popular for real estate properties these days. For one, it is extremely versatile that suits a wide array of house models. Two, it is well suited for both modern and traditional designs. Finally, it complements well with natural elements. Regardless of home styles and surrounding features, you can go for gray, be it soft or dark.


Colors play a crucial role in selling your property. Before you put your house in the market for sale, make sure to undergo a home renovation and incorporate the colors recommended above. That said, call your house painters in San Diego now. You’ll be surprised at how this step can appeal to homebuyers and sell your property in no time!

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