How To Paint Garage Door

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Is your garage door starting to look a bit grubby? Does it need a new lease on life? If so, you may want to give it a fresh coat of paint. To help you in this endeavor, follow these simple steps.


To carry out these instructions, there are a few items that are required. Most of these objects are easy to obtain since they can be found online or in hardware stores. Furthermore, a lot of people will already have access to some of these items since they are DIY essentials. You will need:

  • A garage door – as you may have guessed, you will need a garage door in order to carry out these instructions.
  • A flat scraper – found online or in hardware stores, a flat scraper will be used in the preparation. They can be bought from here.
  • Sandpaper – like the scraper, this can be used to remove old paint.
  • Gloves – safety equipment is always important to remember when DIY-ing. Gloves will protect the skin on your hands.
  • A face mask – if you are worried about breathing in paint fumes or dirt, you may want to wear a face mask. If this is the case, you may want to get one of these masks.
  • Soap and water – this will be used to clean the garage door.
  • A sponge – again, this will be used for the washing process.
  • Decorator’s tape – this item is a decorating staple and can be purchased in most hardware stores. For example, you can use this amazing product. This handy item will protect surfaces that you do not want the paint to get onto.
  • A drop cloth or old newspaper – you will need an old cloth of some form to stop paint from dripping on the ground.
  • A metal primer – this will provide an undercoat that you can paint over.
  • Paint brushes – you can use whichever size paintbrush you choose. You may also want to use a roller.
  • Paint – as you may have guessed, paint will be needed for this project. You will be able to find paint that is specifically designed for use on garage doors online and in home improvement stores. If you are searching for a product, we recommend this one.
  • A stepladder – if you are struggling to reach the top of the garage door, you may want to use a stepladder.


In order to complete this task, you will need to follow these simple instructions.

  1. Before you can paint your garage door, you will need to prepare it. The first thing you need to do is remove the preexisting paint from the door. This can be done with the flat scraper and sandpaper. Simply rub these pieces of equipment against the door until the paint is removed. You may want to wear protective equipment during this step to stop yourself from being harmed by the dust.
  2. Once the old paint has been taken off, you should wash the garage door. Simply mix a little soap in warm water. Dip a sponge into this water and begin scrubbing the door rigorously. You may want to don gloves to complete this step, particularly if your skin is prone to irritation. By removing any grease or dirt from the door, it will be a better canvas for your paint.
  3. Dry the garage door. Otherwise, the paint will run. You can either leave it to dry by itself or towel dry the door. You may even get away with using a hairdryer on the door if the cord is long enough!
  4. Apply decorator’s tape to any parts of the door that you do not want the paint to get onto. This may include the handle and the door’s edges. Wait for this to dry entirely before moving on.
  5. Cover the area underneath your garage door with a drop cloth or old newspaper pages. This will keep you from getting any unwanted paint on this area.
  6. Before painting, it is a good idea to apply a metal primer. This can normally be done with a paintbrush, though exact instructions will depend on the brand. You should consult these instructions before starting the application process. Primer will create a better base for your paint and will last longer. After you have put on the primer, leave it to dry.
  7. Decide what color you want to paint your door. This will be an entirely personal endeavor. Generally, lighter colors work well, such as white. However, you can use black to create a sophisticated aesthetic. As an overall rule, you should try to complement the color of your garage door to the color of the front door to your home.
  8. Apply the first coat of paint to the door. This can simply be done with a paintbrush, though you can also use a roller. A roller may save you time, though it will not be as good for painting on the more intricate areas. Please take your time with the painting process, so that you do not miss any spots. Once you have finished painting, wait for it to dry.
  9. You will likely need to cover this with a second coat of paint. This will ensure that your garage door is properly painted and will allow the color to become more visible. Again, leave the paint to dry completely.
  10. Enjoy your newly painted garage door!

Top Tips

  • When choosing a day to paint, you should wait until the weather is mild. Rainy weather can prove problematic when you are trying to paint outdoors. Likewise, the days after you paint should also be dry.
  • You may need to use a stepladder to reach certain parts of the door.
  • In order to fully paint the door, you may need to close and open it at different points. Be careful that the paint does not get ruined when doing this.
  • Wear old clothes that you do not mind getting dirty when painting a garage door. After all, this is a messy job!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Paint A Garage Door With A Roller?

If you want to save yourself time and effort, a roller is an effective way of painting your garage door. Of course, finer paintbrushes will be better for more detailed work. Rollers made with natural fibers will be the most optimal kind.

Do Painted Garage Doors Last?

Yes, if you use a primer and good quality paint, your garage door could last for years. The paint job will last particularly long if you routinely clean and maintain it.