4 Key Reasons You Shouldn’t Perform DIY Exterior Paint – What to Know

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Painting | 0 comments

When it comes to house painting, you have two routes to take. You can perform do-it-yourself painting or leave it to professional painters. These options apply specifically to exterior painting, whether you plan to change its color or simply touch up some wall blemishes. Painting your exterior can make a world of difference in the overall look and appearance of your home. That’s why you want to make sure this is done excellently, and hiring professional painters can be such a viable solution.

Wondering why it’s never practical to do the exterior painting yourself? Here are four key reasons you shouldn’t even think about it unless you are an expert painter yourself.

1. Quality

There’s a huge difference between painting a house and painting stuff on paper. Unless you are an expert in exterior painting with the right skills and knowledge, you better leave the painting to the expert. Why? You can expect the quality of painting if you rely on a professional painter. You don’t want sloppy work that can compromise the quality of the paint job. Painting your home’s exteriors can spruce up the look and appearance of your abode, so it is best to leave it to a professional painter.

2. Time

Time is valuable. You can allow ample time to pull off the paint job; however, if you don’t have enough time, then you better not force yourself to do the work yourself. Painting the exteriors of the house can be time-consuming. It entails deliberate decision-making, designing, and even executing the design on walls. You also have to factor in the products and supplies used for painting. By hiring a professional painter, you can leave all these to the expert. You’ll just have to wait for how your hired painter can bring your exterior home vision into life.

3. Money

For the most part, homeowners take the DIY route to save money. However, think about the paint products, supplies, as well as the tools and equipment required to carry out the paint job. Also, factor in the time needed, as well as the quality of the paint job. If you fail to do it correctly, you will just be wasting your money, time, and effort. You may end up hiring a professional painter to correct your mistake, which will add up to the overall expenses. Ultimately, hiring a professional painter for your home exterior can help you save money.

4. Warranty

What’s good about hiring a professional painter is his guaranteed work and a warranty that comes with it. If for some reason, the paint job has some issues due to unforeseen circumstances, you are covered through a warranty. For instance, when the paint job starts to fade within a particular time frame, you can have it fixed without shelling out any more money. If you do it yourself, you make the necessary correction and will have to spend on supplies, exert another effort, and use your time.


Taking the DIY route may appear to be a good idea as a practical solution for your home exterior needs. But with the four key factors outlined above, hiring a professional painter for your home’s exterior can be your best bet.

Ultimately, a professional painter will help you save time and money and ensure the quality and warranty of the exterior painting job.

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